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I’m still testing what I can do with my blog, so I thought I’d try adding a picture of my son, Myles.

Myles at 8 months old.


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My Switch to VMware Fusion

YouTube video of my son describing my switch to VMware Fusion.

I think they are often referred to as “old souls”, or identified as people with a fully developed understanding of the world.

Whether it’s instinct or some kind of genetic memory, people are born complete with observational powers, the ability to manipulate, the capacity to love and more. We add experience and refinement as we grow older, but I think we’re born with nearly everything we need fully cooked in. Some children exhibit it more than others, and my son is one of those people.

Myles is captivating –– he has more charm in his little finger than I have in my whole body. This relationship was nowhere on my radar four years ago, but now, I can’t imagine a life without him.

My crib was a beer cask

My crib was a beer cask, so scope my swagger. I’d tap an ale with scarjo, barry or jagger. I keep it under, i ain’t no junkie, I can ride backwards like a baby monkey. I’m a foodsie, yeah, your designated hoffa… now izzle fa shizzle to that toombie poppa.